Lesson Plans

We want YOU! Email your lesson plan to capclass@virginiageneralassembly.gov in PDF or Word Format and we will add it to our growing list of Lesson Plans. Your name and your school's name will be featured on the Lesson Plan!

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American Foxhound (Grades K-1)

Virginia SOLs: HSS.K.8, HSS.1.10, HSS.1.11

Bat (Grades K-3)

Virginia SOLs: SCI.K.2, SCI.K.5, SCI.1.1, SCI.1.2, SCI.1.5, SCI.1.7, SCI.2.1, SCI.2.5, SCI.2.7, SCI.3.4, SCI.3.5

Butterfly (Grades 2-3)

Virginia SOLs: HSS.1.11, MAT.2.21, MAT.3.20, ART.3.4

Dogwood (Kindergarten)

Virginia SOLs: E/W.K.2, E/W.K.3, HSS.K.8, SCI.K.4, SCI.K.6

Emblems and Symbols (Grades K-1)

Virginia SOLs: HSS.K.9, HSS.1.4, HSS.1.12

Milk (K-2)

Virginia SOLs: E/W.K.8, E/W.1.1, E/W.1.7, E/W.2.7, E/W.2.8, HSS.K.6, HSS.1.7, HSS.2.7, MAT.K.3, MAT.1.5

Square Dance (K-5)

Virginia SOLs: Music: K.3, K.4, 1.3, 2.3, 3.4, 4.4, 5.4

Virginia is my Favorite State (Kindergarten)

Virginia SOLs: HSS.K.3 HSS.K.8